Autonomy is a wide ranging term that implies an associative factor between the individual, their personal constructs, and the public view as one ascribes to the conditions of society. Autonomy in a more patriarchal sense has been expounded to simplify the cause for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Basically it refers to a sort of consensus between freedom and self will. In a more feminist depiction of female practices with autonomy. It refers to a non-discriminatory, less authoritarian active voice in the ways girls and women, as well as the LGBT dependence upon them view acts of violence, and the right to convene as a condition of one’s identity, to manage concerns that effect the body of gender as a whole.

LGBT vocabulary can serve to deconstruct our very means of establishing normativity. “Queer Practices, non- binary, gender fluid, and non conformity, are just a sample of the vocabulary that may baffle those we might rather  convey a voice of humanistic means to achieving our goals. Yet, LGBT vocabulary is essential in showing the wide ranging beliefs of self perception ascribed to LGBT individuals as a minority.  Without presupposing our intent for such a vast array of terms, in terms of every determination of autonomy it is clear that communication that support LGBT motivations of equality provide a formidable account of our rationality to pursue a life of dignity, respect and self respect. It is the fundamental inclusion of our humanity that we communicate through activism and other means, that establishes the autonomy we seek to bear witness to the integrity of gender differences.

As much as defending our right to be outspoken can be viewed as an LGBT virtue, it may also be said that defending LGBT privacy may be a virtue as well. While coming out in the sense of non concealment is thought to have positive benefits. Sexual privacy when associated to the use of will may be thought to retain more personal incentives in the case of not living either in contempt of, or under the jurisdiction necessarily of a self imposed government rule. If the LGBT movement can be accountable to anything that is accredited to the feminist movement it is this right to privacy that will demonstrate our accountability to depict an inclusion in regards to autonomy.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender define a population that is in need of less pragmatic authority, more understanding of discriminatory violations in terms of religion, education, housing, health, and government issues. It is also a population in need of outreach to those who face the threat of violence. Family understanding of an individuals LGBT orientation, as well as the consensus of participation to some extent in the efforts of community, can prevail to serve as a foundation that supports one’s inclusion. Yet, while public sexuality almost by nature can be thought of to be disrespectful, forums in which sexuality is communicated can open one’s eyes about their own pursuits of sexual, and self identity.

How then can LGBT people be supported by autonomy. It maybe in how one conceives of their foundation in accepting gender orientation, that LGBT people will uncover  a means of communication that speaks to the irrational voices of discrimination, hatred  and violence in a venue the is supportive of humanitarian variations of personal incentives and motivations, in a manner that is respectful, and shows the intelligibility of being gender confirming. By addressing first our own support, and then reducing the oppressive nature in which LGBT people are excluded from the conversation of conceptualizing equal rights for themselves, LGBT autonomy may simply determine a communication that reaches agreement. That makes no presupposition in regards to tolerance, and that conveys a message that is accepting of differences. Through reaching agreement by means of communication, LGBT autonomy may signify less of an imposition by hetero normativity, in a way that is less imposing on society to understand, and have to adhere to the aspects of being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender that maybe out of context, or viewed as out of character, or inappropriate in their setting.