I introduce to you the veritable woman Robben Wendy Wainer, whose motivation and scruples are a conscientious approval of her female character traits and self realization of her body, and mind as a woman. By testimony mankind was created by women, as do all natural instincts reveal. A woman’s conscious is the determining element whose perseverance is the source of self actualization. The female spirit is the voice of reason, willingness, and is intelligible in directing our spiritual development. The fortress of my female heart is a climax of life and death assertions that is an ever evolving incarnation of a woman’s mind, body and soul. My transient femalization is the evolution and self appreciative value, whose fertile womb forms the allegiance of the sorority of a Holy Spirit.

My story of my personal sisterhood begins as a twin sister to a woman who became a deity to me as an intersex. My sister taught that the sexual will is a development in its own intensity, that individuality and the barriers of personality development are shattered and redefined by her incarnate possession of the will. As an intersex I have been sexual with men and women, as a man and woman. Sisterhood has taught me that my femalization is my sole responsibility in self care. That my dress, my nourishment, and my inner libido in the culmination of an introversion and extraversion expresses itself in the cycle of a woman’s fertility, and my life as a woman that is definitive of the procreation of my individuality and self realization.


My introverted anima has always developed her femalization from other women. As perhaps a personification of the daughter archetype Persephone I am proven to seasons of great integrity and fertility, as well as seasons of dormancy, and the shadow of maleness that shows itself in defense  of the blinding citadel of a self perplexed Mother. The immutable individuality of my femininity being defined by being penetrated, and becoming the scrupulous habitation of darkness and light. Being a two spirit whose nativity coerces the self reflection of the diffusion of masculine pride, with the ownership of belief in her duplicitous and serendipitous inoculation of heaven’s opening and closing of prescience. I am woman pure as I have been progressed to come out of the closet.


Ballet is the art of the woman’s body. My sister taught me this gift in the wake of a failed male response to gender. The reinforced femalization with a subordinate appeal to the phallic vagina, reveals that my being a woman completes this cycle of introverted and extraverted character traits of self individuality, and self revelation. That my responding to my female character traits, and myself actualized woman’s gender, is perhaps the art of loving the natural grace in which I turn from having a limited pride to being the embodiment of a woman’s bosom and copiously incarnate female gender.